SuperSafe™ Knife is a safe and effective alternative to metal, hard plastic and sharp disposable cutlery. Conventional cutlery can cause hazards in some settings, our cutlery helps to mitigate risk to users, and those around them.

  • Safe:
          • Specially developed short handles makes the knife hard to grip with meaningful force and therefore eliminates the possibility of the handles being used as a stabbing weapon.
          • The patent protected design and construction, combining hard and soft materials, ensure that the knife cannot be used to cause self-harm or harm to others through stabbing or cutting. 
          • Bright, highly visible handles make it easy to see the knife should it get left behind in a custody suite with a vulnerable patient or prisoner.
          • Made from safe, BPA free PBE and PP materials.
  • Although soft, the knife effectively cuts a variety of food safely.
  • Easy and stable to use at mealtimes, whilst bending under pressure to ensure that it cannot be used as a weapon.
  • Unable to be broken, snapped or sharpened meaning it can’t be used to cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Economical - Dishwasher and steriliser safe for use repeat again and again.
  • Environmentally friendly - Reduces waste – no more single use, plastic disposable cutlery.
  • Available in boxes of 100 knives.
    SuperSafe Knife

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